Frequently Asked Questions

Why feed fresh?

Fresh is best. True? Yes we think so! Commercial pet food has a shelf life of up to 2 years, and that just doesn’t sit well with us. We pride ourselves on using good quality ingredients and NEVER adding any preservatives, and why shouldn’t that be served fresh?  As pet obesity, cancer, and diabetes rise at alarming rates, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that points to the health benefits of a fresh food diet, and to the dangers of many commercial pet food manufacturing processes.

We’ve personally seen the results of feeding fresh with our dogs, and our customers dogs too. Also- if you have a picky eater (as we do) they turn their noses up at canned food anyhow, so fresh is the only way!

How and where are the meals made?

Our in-house qualified chef Esther and her team, make our meals fresh EVERY week in a certified commercial kitchen in Hobart, Tasmania. We make only small batches, so the meals you receive have literally been made within that fortnight. Our meals are made upholding all sanitary and HACCP standards. We start with the freshest human-grade Tasmanian meat and seafood and add other ingredients including nutritionally beneficial vegetables, legumes and superfoods.  The meals are portioned, bagged and cooked sous-vide at LOW temperature to retain all the goodness in the bag. We then freeze them immediately to ensure they are at their freshest when you defrost and feed to your dog.

How do I store the meals?

We deliver our meals frozen, and so we suggest that when you receive your meals, unpack and place directly into your freezer. Simply pull one meal out each day and place into your fridge, and it will be defrosted ready for dinner time. If you forget to do this, place warm water in a bowl and sit the meal inside. It will defrost in about 5 minutes ready to serve.

Do I have to sign up to an ongoing subscription?

No, not at all! You can order as little or as much as you like in a single online transaction.

By ordering a subscription box however, you do receive a discounted rate. So if you find you are ordering regularly, it will be more cost effective for you to get a fortnightly or monthly subscription box.

How much should I feed my dog?

Feeding guidelines can be very vague, and truthfully there isn’t one correct answer. It all depends on the age, weight and activity level of your dog.  However we have different sized meal pouches, recommended for different sized dogs, and these are a good start point. We recommend you feed your dog the whole pouch suited to their weight range per day, and if you are splitting the meal in half you can add it to dry food, raw meat, bones or our bone broth. Treats also carry calories and should be taken into account each day!

We suggest to discuss this further with your local veterinarian if you are concerned. Our nutritional table and overall kilojoule count for each meal is included within the products page and description.

What if I’m not home when they get delivered?

We deliver in the south of the state each Saturday morning and you will receive a text message to remind you that they are on their way. If you are not home, rest assured because our meals are packed with an ice brick throughout summer (trust us- its cold enough in winter). The meals will still be frozen when you return home later that day. 

For the greater Tasmania area- and mainland Australia, we use Australia Post Express Delivery. We pack the meals in an insulted bag with an ice brick. The meals arrive next day and are still cold and in some cases still frozen. If the meals defrost they are still safe to re-freeze.